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TFBZA LogoWelcome to TopForexBrokers.co.za! On this website, you will be able to find a lot of information about the best Forex brokers in South Africa as well as multiple interesting guides and articles, all connected to trading itself. Our team comprises of South African Forex traders, that thought it would be beneficial for everybody to share our knowledge and experience to the community. We will focus exclusively on South Africa on this website, all of the news, broker reviews and guides will be tailor-made for South African traders. We hope you will find at least some value with us.

What is it all about

Our mission here is pretty simple, we want to help the South African community of traders and those who want to enter the Forex Market and be successful with it. We have picked the best Forex brokers and promptly rated them to help you choose the best one. We will let you know what are the best opportunities that Forex brokers are offering via bonuses and promotions. We have designed different guides for online Forex trading, Bitcoin trading and many more, exclusively for South Africans. And finally, we will offer various information for everything you need to know about the Forex industry in the world and of course – South Africa.

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TFB guideWe will help you choose the right broker          

We have worked hard to find out who are the best brokers in the industry that are offering their services to the people of South Africa and have prepared detailed Forex broker reviews so that you can make a well-informed choice.  With our easy to understand rating system with Lions, you will see the good and bad of the broker with just one look! The Lions will be your guides in the jungle of the trading world full of fraud and scammers. But fear not, the concept is easy to grasp and with the Lions’ guidance, you will be safe and sound! Check our rating system to see how we rate each broker.


TFB bonuses availableGet the best bonuses available in South Africa

Are you searching for the Forex trading bonuses? The bonuses are the best way to start a Forex trading career without much hassle, they are easy to receive and use, and they show you how the trading process is with a certain broker before you commit to them; but how to find them and make sure that they are safe? We have picked the best offerings for you to elevate your trading success, make sure to check our bonus page and do not miss new opportunities.


TFB about usYour guide to the Forex industry

Last but not least, if you are just starting to hit your stride in the Forex industry or if you want to have helpful news pieces about what is happening around the world and in South Africa, keep an eye on our news. Here you will not only find some of the most relevant news articles for your trading needs, but also helpful guides with tips and tricks for preparing for trends.