South African Forex no deposit bonus offers from trusted brokers

If you’re out there looking for a new Forex broker to deal with, you might want to start considering working with one that offers a very beneficial bonus for trading with them. Though you might not be aware of what a Forex bonus is, in which case, let us discuss the concept with you and explain why Forex bonuses are some of the best and worst things South African forex broker or any other broker might offer.

The idea behind a Forex no deposit bonus is simple: to attract new customers. There are many types of Forex bonuses and all of them are there to attract new traders to a platform. Whether this is a welcome bonus Forex broker offer or some kind of bonus received after trading a certain amount, there is no question about it, it is always there to attract a new customer. Some brokers might offer more than others and some scams might use bonus offers as a way to attract new victims, but there is always a way to find out what the intentions of the company are. I believe bonuses to be a blessing, simply because they give you more money to work with and a chance to generate more income, but I also cannot shed a feeling that they are a curse. A curse, since a bonus might make you think that it is okay to take a risk you should not be taking because the money isn’t yours, which results in more money being lost than you should have.

Though let’s get over the philosophical deliberations over what the dangers and advantages of a Forex bonus are and get into the thick of it: how do you go about getting some sweet, sweet bonus money on your Forex account?


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forex no deposit bonus without verificationWhat is a no deposit bonus?

First, let us explain what exactly no deposit welcome bonus is and how does it work. Unlike deposit bonuses, the no deposit bonus is usually the one that most traders are looking for in a new FX broker to work. These no deposit bonuses are welcome bonus forex brokers like to offer the least of. South African Forex brokers with no deposit bonus will usually offer no more than 400 Rand, but it will still be a significant benefit to a trader who knows what they are doing. For experienced traders, a no deposit bonus is like a free, no risk capital that can be spent on experimental currency pairs to see the results. If the capital is lost, it doesn’t mean much, but if it has returned, then the results are positive and indicate that further trading might be a good idea. The bonus can also be a nice piece of bait for the industry newcomers, who do not know which broker to start working with. While this is not a problem if you end up with a good broker, the danger of starting to trade with a scammer or a brokerage that trades against you is very real.


On the other hand, the no deposit bonus forex is also one of the best ways to start trading for a beginner trader. The cause for this is simple – new traders, with little experience, are too afraid to invest real money into Forex trading. Many of them spend time working on demo accounts, trying to figure out how the market works. While a respectable endeavor, it is a limited one – a simulated market is not capable of showing the full spectrum of problems that perk up on the real market. This is why a nice no deposit bonus is a good way for a trader to move onto the market without risking their real money on the market.

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How to find the best South African Forex bonus

Where do you go about looking for Forex brokers with no deposit bonus offers, and how do you find them? That question is one that has bothered many before. If you are new to the industry or are simply looking for a new way to make money within it, a bonus is definitely something you might want to look into. But where?

The best Forex bonus is one that is found quickly, easily applied for and easily received. To find such a bonus, all you need to do is check with a Forex broker. Most international Forex brokers and most South African Forex brokers no deposit bonuses get updated during certain times of the year. These times are usually specific seasons when these brokers have had a certain surplus in revenue that they can reallocate towards further increasing their user base. Usually, these become welcoming bonuses for new customers and traders, encouraging them to sign up and deposit money to receive the bonus. Finding such a bonus is not that tough. All you have to do is look at the website of some of the brokers that you might be interested in. If they are offering a welcome bonus, they will usually have it promoted on their home page. If such a promotion is not present on the page, then it is probably not being offered currently.

If you can’t find a bonus with a company that you would like to work with, you might want to find and sign up for their newsletter. Brokerages usually have promotional offers for their clients, those who have signed up for their newsletters or subscribed to their social media platforms. This is where you might find nice South African Forex brokers with bonus offers or some kind of alternative bonus program that might interest you.

no deposit bonus Forex
Better safe…

Though be careful! The hard part of the process is not finding a Forex bonus. Forex bonuses are usually offered in droves, and simply searching the words on google will result in a whole bunch of results on the subject. The real complicated part of the process is identifying which of these are legitimate offers and which are simple bait to attract you and then never provide you with the bonus. Whether it is a scam or an unscrupulous broker trying to attract you to trade with them, it is important to consider what kind of reputation the broker has in the South African Forex broker community.


Knowing what Forex bonus to pick with a South African broker

The process of choosing what bonus to pick with what broker can be a complicated one. If it is not a complicated process for you, you are not doing it right. The thing is, you have to do a lot of research before choosing to trade with a Forex broker. Think of it this way, if you were making an investment into a building, that as a bonus offered you to install a pool free of charge, would you not make sure that both the house and the pool are of good quality? Would you not make sure that you are getting what you paid for?

The same goes for South African Forex brokers offering no deposit bonus. You should not invest simply because you are looking to make some free cash, but also because you believe the company to be trustworthy. All South African FX brokers offer some kind of benefit for investing with them, but not all of them offer the same kind of quality of service or reputation. A bonus and broker choice should go together and should be done with great care.

Just consider this: one Forex broker is offering a no deposit bonus of 2750 Rand as long as you start trading with them, while the other is offering a 350 no deposit bonus. Which company would you start trading with? If you are anything like me five years ago, you will be thinking that the first option sounds pretty good. In fact, it sounds a little too good. While the information provided is not enough to decide whether a company is trustworthy, one thing is true: if something sounds too good to be true, you need to make sure it is not a lie. In some cases, companies will make great promises, only to do their best to not deliver on them. The better the premise sounds, the more likely the broker is to not deliver on it. They might give you the promised money and you make more money off of it, but they will simply block you from withdrawing the money. Or they might make the promise of the bonus once you deposit some cash, but you end up never receiving the bonus and have a hard time withdrawing the money you deposited with them. Whatever it is you do, you need to know why you are picking whatever you are picking.

Something else you need to consider: what kind of terms and conditions they have for their bonuses. Usually, a broker, whether it is a South African FX brokerage or otherwise, will have some terms and conditions attached to the bonus. It might be a no withdrawal policy unless you deposit a certain amount, or unless you make a certain amount of money off of the bonus. It could be that you need to complete certain actions to be able to receive the money. It is important to know these, so you can intelligently apply and gain benefit from the bonus.

Finally, it is important to know the general no deposit bonus withdrawal conditions, associated fees and other possible money related conditions that a Forex brokerage might have. If the brokerage has a nice bonus, but does not offer an agreeable spread system, has commissioned or has other aspects that you do not find to be agreeable to you, it is not recommended to try and get the bonus from the broker. Make sure to check if the broker is offering Forex no deposit bonus without verification, this should raise your suspicions and validate more research.

best forex bonusHow to avoid South African scam Forex brokers and scam bonuses

The way to avoiding the scams we have mentioned so many times up to this point is simple: do your research and know the signs. While this might seem like a complicated and time-consuming process, it is an important one nonetheless. Just like with any other kind of investment activity, you need to know what you are doing, and need to know that your money is safe. This is why you need to research the Forex trading scams and treat all others with suspicion. If a broker has an underdeveloped and ugly website, is promising something that might seem too good to be true and has many negative broker reviews online, it might be a good idea to abstain from investing with them, as they are most likely to be either a scam or a very unscrupulous company. Here is a quick checklist of red flags to look for:

  • If their website is underdeveloped or badly optimized
  • If they are offering bonuses that seem unrealistic
  • If they are not licensed by any regulatory body
  • If they do not respond to chat, emails or calls
  • If they have bad reviews on official websites, as well as user reviews
  • Or if they have demonstrated any suspicious activity

These red flags should provide you with enough evidence to decide against investing with a company, despite the amazing bonuses they may offer. We have provided a number of reviews of good and bad forex brokerages in South Africa on our page that you can take a look at. Those should be able to help you understand what the best Forex broker qualities are and how to choose the best South African broker offering no deposit bonus.

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