What is the Forex Broker Killer?

Forex trading is taking South Africa by storm, with many young, prospective traders turning their heads towards Forex trading with big dreams of making a fortune for themselves. For many, it is the only way of ever attaining financial stability and wellbeing, with role models such as Sandile Shezi and Ref Wayne acting as live embodiments of the goals they are trying to reach out to.

In an effort to help out their fellow countrymen to attain success in the turbulent world of Forex, a number of private institutions were set up by the successful South African forex traders, such as the Global Forex Institute by Sandile Shezi and his trading partner – George van der Riet.

We shall be looking into one such institution, the Forex Broker Killer, which branched into a number of directions of the Forex industry in South Africa, covering a wide area of the field, ensuring that as many South Africans get a shot at success as possible. Yet, before delving deeper into what exactly the Forex Broker Killer is, we should talk about the man behind the whole ordeal – Kgopotso Mmutlane, also known as DJ Coach Tsekeleke.

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Kgopotso Mmutlane dj coachThe man behind FBK

So who is DJ Coach Tsekeleke? Today, the man is one of the richest people in South Africa, a young millionaire, and the founder and CEO at Forex Broker Killer, who obtained his wealth by trading Forex. While an inspirational figure for many, the beginnings of the would-be millionaire were humble, to say the least. Growing up in an impoverished family in Motodi Village, living in a small shack with no bed of his own, sharing the only room with the entire family. Although his parents did their best to provide as much for their kids as they possibly could, ensuring that at least Kgopotso didn’t have to starve each night. Yet, witnessing the success and wealth of others around him, with houses of their own and driving decent cars, it was the spark that ignited the flame of ambition in DJ Coach, who set himself on a path of success.

Yet it wasn’t Forex that Kgopotso was aiming for. As his nickname implies, the first career choice was that of his passion – a professional DJ. This choice didn’t come without its obstacles though, as coming from a deeply Christian family, his parents were strictly opposed to him becoming a DJ, seeing clubs as un-Christian places, and risky for their child to be around in. But not being one to accept the current reality without a fight, he snuck out and performed without his parents being aware of it, earning his nickname in the process. But it was more than just a nickname that came out of this endeavor of his, the boldness of the action, and the risk he took were the first signs of his skills that would bring him success in Forex.

The first time DJ Coach came to hear about Forex was from his friend, while still studying in Leolo High School. Immediately being captivated by the prospects of being a Forex trader, he conducted his research, realizing the potential he could attain by joining the ranks of Forex traders, with promises of quick and easy money being just a button away. Thus began Kgopotso’s journey into the world of Forex, and his first and the harshest lesson was soon to be had.

We have previously talked about Sandile Shezi, a young man from South Africa who’s gambit of placing his tuition money into Forex had played out successfully. This was not the case for DJ Coach Tsekeleke however, where he immediately lost his school fees, 15,000 Rand. This is where the majority of traders would lose their spirit, but not DJ Coach. He learned from his mistakes, and most importantly learned the most valuable lesson – you can become rich quickly with Forex, but only if you have proper mentorship, the right strategy, and good knowledge. With renewed skills and knowledge, he went on trading successfully, accumulating his wealth over time. Today, DJ Coach Tsekeleke net worth amounts to about $2.7 million, proving his prowess as a Forex trader.

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The founding of the Forex Broker Killer

Not being the one to look down on the others from a pedestal, however, DJ Coach Tsekeleke went ahead and founded Forex Broker Killer, in an effort to share his experience and success with the upcoming generation of prospective South African Forex traders.

One of the biggest issues in South Africa is the increasing crime rates, which also include a growing online scamming scene. What Kgopotso came to realize is that the masterminds behind these schemes aren’t low-life criminals. It is educated, smart and capable people, who had to turn towards crime due to lack of employment opportunities and other prospects in life. Not wanting to let that talent go to waste on illegal and immoral practices, he saw the opportunity and launched the FBK Millionaires reality show, which first premiered in August 2019 on Youtube. The premise of the show is to give a glimpse into the life of a successful Forex trader in South Africa, complete with everyday activities, luxury cars, inspirational speeches, and fancy parties, all to show the possibilities that successful Forex trading can bring. But above all, the purpose is to demonstrate the willingness of young South Africans to learn from the best in the industry and to apply that knowledge to find success in the Forex field.

What Forex Broker Killer Institution offers to such prospective traders is a chance to learn directly from DJ Coach, and work directly with the FBK. The so-called Mmutlane traders benefit from the one-minute strategy, devised by the DJ Coach Tsekeleke himself. The one-minute strategy is rooted in the experience that the young trader has accumulated over his rapidly successful career, which he now shares with his team and those with a desire to follow in his footsteps. Those who desire to get their hands on more in-depth knowledge on strategies utilized by FBK can do so by purchasing them through the website, which is the primary purpose of the entire platform, according to Kgopotso Mmutlane himself.

Controversies around the corner

FSCA forex broker killerThere has been a controversy going around Forex Broker Killer, however, primarily stemming from the fact that FBK Trading is not registered with the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA).

Any institution in South Africa, that operates in the Forex field, and provides advice and intermediary services has to be authorized by the FSCA to be able to do so, in order to ensure the validity of the entity and security for the customer.

FBK has been lacking that license. But DJ Coach has justified the lack of it as being unnecessary, as FBK deals with strategy materials that prospective traders can use as a reference, and does not offer direct advisory, not to mention investment, the management or any sort of trading services.

What is to come out of this controversy remains to be seen. Whatever the case, the success of the young Forex trader continues to inspire many South Africans to pursue a similar path, all in hopes of one day attaining financial success themselves.

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