CM Trading full review – How does this broker work?

CM Trading full review – How does this broker work?

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It is nice to see that there are decent Forex brokers on the market currently, such as the CM trading Forex broker. In this review, we will discuss the details about the company and try to see if investing in trading with this company is worth your time and money.

Around the world, the Forex trading market is changing every day. More people than ever before have the opportunity to trade Forex and enjoy everything this market has to offer. However, this has not been like this in the past. For a very long time, only the biggest financial companies on the market could take part in Forex trading, however, it has changed greatly in the last two decades.

CM Trading is a global company that started out in South Africa. The brokerage has spent the past few years building its reputation and user base. They have a very simple platform and are easy to deal with. They also spend a lot of time working with their clients and doing their best to deliver as good a service as they can. Let us look at the in-depth CM trading review below, and see what we can find out about them.

CM trading review

The page

The website of the Forex brokers looks very good. It has a super simple design and works very well. The website is not full of unnecessary information, The pages on the website are created in a very logical manner, which means that finding any information that you might need is very simple and easy.

Also, the website of this broker has a special page of Q&A, where you can find any type of information that might be important for Forex trading. The website is very user-friendly and can be very easily used by anyone, even by the least experienced FX traders. The website is very simple and looks very professional.

The website remains easy to explore and provides the user with detailed information regarding the background of the company, the dealings, all of the trading instrument options they provide, platforms, and their educational instruments as well. This is a very good sign for the company – the fact that they are not trying to hide information about the way they do things shows that they are honest and are more than happy to offer something to their users. In the top right corner, you will also find their contact information, in a very noticeable spot. It seems like they are not afraid to engage the user.

Company Background – How did it become popular?

CM Trading was founded in 2012. Since then it has been registered with the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) of South Africa and has spread its operations globally. The good news is that the company is registered with a financial regulatory body, which is definitely something you want to see in your Forex broker.

Over the years, although this regulatory agency has had a number of problems, it was able to overcome these challenges by working very hard. Today, the services that the FSCA offers are known around the world to be very safe. They have changed the way they regulated Forex brokers, and with the help of the new guidelines, Forex trading with this broker is regarded to be a very safe experience.

Because of the regulatory framework, CM Trading has to follow several guidelines. First of all, it is required to make sure that all of the funds of their clients are kept in segregated bank accounts, which means that no matter what happens and what goes wrong, even if the broker goes bankrupt, the funds of the clients will stay safe. With the help of the segregation, the broker will not have any access to your funds, and you will be able to withdraw your hard-earned money at any time.


Over the last few years, this broker managed to win a lot of awards. As our CM Trading review shows, the broker has been awarded for the services that it offers to people many times, one of the main reasons for it being the safety and security that it offers to investors around the world.

Among many other rewards, the company has received the 2017 award for being the best performing Forex broker in Africa. This is good news for the company, as it showcases the fact that the company is legitimately possibly one of the best brokers in all of Africa. Having awards is like having a bunch of positive CM trading reviews available online, so it is definitely a good thing.

One of the reasons why these awards are so important is that the Forex trading market is developing very fast in the region. There are many Forex brokers in Africa, and this broker has managed to stand on the top position for a very long time now. The team behind the broker knows exactly what the local population needs when it comes to Forex trading, because of which, it managed to get such a great reputation among the investors all over the world.


As mentioned above, the page offers very simple access to the communications platforms of the company. This means that it is easy to figure out how to communicate with the company, but how easy is it to actually speak to them? The page encourages that you contact their customer support either through live chat or through email, or even one of their international phone lines.

We decided to check each of these options on our own to understand how well they work in real life. We contacted the live chat and they were very quick to reply, and the information that they have provided was very helpful. We also used the email, which took a little longer but the reply was very professional.

The phone call, is as you would expect, easy and fast enough, the phone number is different for different regions, so we would encourage you to check out the website for maximum information. The customer support team is available in multiple languages, which means that even if you are not fluent in English, you will have the opportunity to get the help that you might need while trading Forex with this company.

The company has proved that it is working very hard to make sure that everything goes smoothly on the platform. They are very actively listening to the clients, and they also have a special page on social media, to make sure that they keep in touch with their clients at any moment.

The software and more

The CM trading brokerage offers its users several ways of trading on their platforms. The MT4, Sirix, and a phone application. The MT4 is the most widely used trading platform in the world, with a widely and well-known customization and reliability. MetaTrader 4 was developed by a famous Russian company called MetaQuotes 15 years ago, and since then, it has played a huge role in the development of Forex trading. According to some data, more than 90 percent of all Forex brokers around the world use MT4.

Sirix is not as well known as MT4, but it is a rather reliable and modern platform offering a very interesting design features to the users and an intuitive way of working with it. The fact that the user is given a choice is already better than what some of the other international brokers are willing to provide customers with. The two platforms work well and are very responsive, which is very nice.

Investors also have the opportunity to trade Forex with their smartphones. The Forex market is known for the fast pace of development and over the years it has changed a lot. Today, it is something that needs further development a lot. One thing that this market is doing is that it is offering people the ability to trade Forex using their phones. It is a great offering for anyone, but especially to those who are always on the go.

CM Trading Withdrawal

According to the guidelines described on the company page, it takes about 24 hours to get a response to your withdrawal request. This time is not a huge amount of time and it is used to make sure that everything goes the right way. While withdrawing funds from this Forex broker, you can be sure that you are staying safe and even if something goes wrong, the team behind this company is always ready to offer its help any time.

Spread or Commission?

The company operates by offering spreads to their users. The spread they offer seems to be relatively reasonable and low. This will be an extremely attractive feature to all users looking to operate with a relatively low amount of capital. The low spread will allow such users to withdraw their funds without the fear of a crippling payment needing to be made. As it is often the case that the fees and commissions are what cause a lot of traders to lose most of the profit they make trading on the market. This further raises the CM trading rating for us.

Because of this offer, we believe that this broker genuinely cares about the experience that investors have with them. Over the years, they have developed their services to meet the demand on the market, and today, it stands to be one of the best Forex brokers in Africa, and not for the wrong reason.

Special offers

The company also seems to offer several interesting options to traders, such as the direct copying of the top traders on the market and one on one trading. The copycat system they have imported allows the beginner traders to make money just like the top traders but asks for a fee to be paid to these traders. This might be a good thing, but at the same time might be a hindrance to a lot of people learning to trade on their own, which is a dangerous thought. The one on one trading seems like a more interesting system that will allow beginners to learn trading faster and achieve their trading goals easier. So far this is positive for our CM trading opinion.


When working on this review of CM Trading, we found that this company offers pretty high leverage, which now stands at 1:200. This is something that can be very much enjoyed by the professional Forex traders, however, if you still have not learned everything that you need to know about this market, we would recommend avoiding trading with such high leverage. The Forex trading market is known to be very risky, and adding additional risks is not that smart.

However, this broker also offers Negative Balance Protection, which means that you can stay safe while trading with high leverage as well. What happens in many cases is that some of the brokers do not offer this type of protection, which can lead to clients losing more money than they have even deposited on their trading accounts.

Account types

CM Trading offers four types of accounts, ranging from Bronze to Premium. Their most popular account type, as it seems, is the Silver Account. The Bronze account is the simplest one, though it still bears a pretty hefty minimum deposit of $250. This one is perfect for those who do not want to take huge risks, and for those who are still learning about FX trading.

For the Silver account, the minimum deposit is $1,000 and the maximum stands at $9,999. This account would be a very great choice for those who consider themselves to be intermediate FX traders. It is a great opportunity to have some additional risks and trade Forex with a well-developed platform.

If the offering of a Silver account is not enough for you, we would recommend using Gold Account, which is a perfect choice for the most experienced FX brokers. For Gold Account, the minimum deposit for Gold Account is $10,000, and you can pay up to $99,999. However, if this is not enough for you, you can go with the Premium Account, which is a perfect way for the most experienced Forex traders to invest in this market. In addition to many other things, you can also enjoy special offerings that are created especially for Premium users, which can be very helpful while trading.

CM Trading's account types reviewed

Every account type offers some education, but the more advanced the account, the more detailed and in-depth the educational resources seem. It seems like these resources and the risk-free trade number increase are the exclusive benefits of working with a more expensive account, other than tighter spreads. A bit of a strange concept it seems.

Trading assets at CM Trading

One of the best things about this Forex broker is that it offers many trading instruments to its clients. There are more than 200 instruments available right now at your disposal, you can enjoy trading them in no time. Because there are so many trading instruments available on the website of this Forex broker, it becomes very easy for anyone to find something that they will enjoy. You can trade anything from currency pairs to commodities, to stocks, and many others.


It seems like CM trading has a lot of things to offer to their potential clients: a good reputation, a nice award, good trading strategies, and some educational resources. It makes us believe that the answer to the “Is CM trading legit” questions is yes. But the high minimum deposit as showcased by their website might be a bit of a problem for some. This, combined with a number of other issues, keeps CM trading from becoming the top-rated Forex broker for us.

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