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Email confirmation is one of the regulated Forex brokers in South Africa. They are currently holding a license from the FSCA, and are considered to be a solid broker, however, they do come with their flaws. Luckily today we are not talking about the flaws, today we will explain the no deposit bonus, exclusively for South African customers.

The size of the bonus is ZAR 400 (30 USD) and it can be attained without a single ZAR as a deposit.

Let’s find out what this means for an average user and how they can kickstart their trading career with this small “handout”. no deposit bonus review no deposit bonus conditions no deposit bonusIn order to get the bonus, a user needs to register on the platform. The registration is rather fast and does not require too much personal information. Therefore you can rest easy, knowing that your most important info is safe. As a matter of fact, the only thing you will need to use is your Email address, which can easily be just an alternative one and not your main one.

After registering for the account, you will automatically get the offer of no deposit bonus. The only thing required to claim it is to just confirm it via Email, and within 24 hours, it will appear on your account.

Before you ask, no you cannot withdraw the bonus immediately, you can only use it to trade. When making this no deposit bonus review, we couldn’t help but be surprised by the terms of the bonus. But a quick comparison quickly brought us back to our senses. no deposit bonus terms

The terms are such:

For every 1 ZAR that you receive as a bonus, you will need to trade at least 10,000 ZAR for that 1 ZAR to be withdrawable. Let’s take it into more of a perspective now. What does this mean if you get the ZAR 400 as a bonus? How much do you need to trade? Well, it will be 400 x 10,000, which is 4,000,000 ZAR.

This may take some time, however, as the maximum leverage currently available on the platform is 1:30. So even if you go all in and trade with all of the 400 ZAR, you can do maximum 12,000 ZAR. Even if you have multiple streaks of luck, it will still take you quite a while to reach the minimum requirements. But compared to other bonuses available, the no deposit bonus terms still beats them all.


On the surface, the no deposit bonus system offered by may not seem a very tempting offer because of the large minimum trade requirements. But when comparing these to other brokers, it may seem like the way to go. Considering the broker’s reputation from our review, it is easy to say that the trades you make with this broker will be safe and sound no matter what. All you need to do is make sure that the broker corresponds with your requirements for smooth trading.

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