A comprehensive fxvc.eu review

A comprehensive fxvc.eu review

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It is with great speed that crypto CFD trading is being snatched up by brokers all over the world, but few can boast being as good at what they do as the FXVC forex broker can. FXVC provides their customers with the kind of service that only the best companies are capable of. They have an in-depth educational platform, as well as a high-quality platform. They have a very well designed website that provides detailed information about the company quickly and concisely. They have a wide range of financial assets to trade, as well as a reliable banking system. The tiered account system helps protect that users from investing more than they are capable of, while their one on one training sessions and individual management style allow clients both safety in their trades and education for the future.

How it looks

The first thing we always consider, before deciding to look deeper into the inner workings of a broker, is we look at their main page. This allows us to understand the level of care and commitment they put into the workings of their page. While writing the FXVC review we were pleasantly surprised to find that the website stood out from the many that we have gone to before. It did not stand out because it was the most beautiful one we have seen, but because it was extremely functional and did not have any extra fluff for the sake of having extra fluff. It was designed simply, with pleasant colors and in a way that emphasized the information that was provided on the website, instead of emphasizing the visuals.

The navigation on the website is easy. It is possible to get to the most important pages through the navigation tab up in the right corner of the page. These tabs allow access to the majority of key information on the website, as well as to the main trading platform that the broker provides. The information that is not accessible through this tab is easily found at the bottom of the homepage. Key items that need to be discussed or disclosed, such as limitations on trading in the US, how CFD trading works and other important details, are all linked at discussed here. Such an easy to navigate and informative website is what causes us to be positive in our fxvc.eu review. Confidence in information about the broker, as well as the confidence with which they release it, make the platform much more trustworthy and reliable in the eyes of the traders and reviewers on our team.

Our FXVC opinion on its functionality

So how does the broker operate? What does it offer to the users that might be interesting to them? Well, there are a number of things that help the broker operate at a high level. The most important are the offers that they have for their users. The primary offer is the offer to work with four types of financial assets: Forex, Crypto CFDs, other CFDs, and miscellaneous financial assets. A diverse range of products is important, as it provides traders with the ability to hedge against the volatility of some of the riskier financial assets that the website provides. Though, can FXVC be trusted to provide the trading services at a high level? Well, while such a diverse grouping of assets might be unique to the broker, the general level of service is rather unique as well. The crypto CFD trading market has become popular recently, and the level of service has not been too high. With FXVC joining the roster of companies providing the trading services, we have arrived at a new level of quality. Not only can the company be trusted, but it should be trusted, as it provides a reliable service and instant execution of all trades conducted by the clients.

The trading platform of the broker is browser based. While some people would be more inclined to trust an FXVC MT4 rendition, we do not have a single problem with this. On the contrary, we would like to encourage more brokers to provide this good a rendition of a browser-based trading platform. The platform is separated into four parts, each dedicated to a different kind of financial asset. Each allows individual trading and individual tracking of the assets of your choice. The platform is easy to use, very simple and intuitive so that even absolute beginners will have an easy time starting their trading with it. All of the assets are represented accordingly, the trading starts as soon as you press the button, and there is no delay in the information displayed.

Something else that the broker offers is a tiered account system, which allows users to have different account levels depending on the amount of deposit they have previously made. The lowest account tier is known as basic, which is given to a user if they deposit a minimum of five hundred Euros. The next is silver at five thousand Euros, Gold, and ten thousand Euros, Platinum at twenty-five thousand Euros and VIP which is awarded to a client at one hundred thousand euros. Each account level comes with an increase in the number of services that the user is provided. At the highest level, the user gets to benefit from all of the services that the broker has to offer. If FXVC scam was a thing, this would be alarming, but they are not. Which is why the highest tier includes specialized indicators, one on one trade coaching, personal account management, regular market reviews and a whole slew of other, impressive features. Although it is not necessary for a user to have access to these services to trade successful,y and the fund restrictions for accounts allow traders to be protected from their own bad decisions and risk of losing funds that they cannot afford to lose.

Is it allowed to work or is FXVC fraud possible?

The short answer is yes, but not everywhere. Now to get into more detail: the main question you should be asking is “is FXVC legit?”. An operational license from one of the most reliable regulatory bodies, CySec (Cypress Securities and Exchange Commission) is there to convince you that yes, it is legit. Not only that, but it guarantees that the company will remain legit as long as they are registered with CySec. The moment they commit an act of fraud or something that goes against regulation is the moment they lose their CySec licensing and become known as a scam. But so far, the FXVC track record has proven to be spotless, which is why they are so highly regarded in the industry.

What is even more inspiring is the fact that there are a large number of positive FXVC reviews for the company. The positive reviews come from users who have been with the broker for a while and have not encountered a single hitch or issue with their operation. The positive reviews of the trading platform, combined with the positive words many have to say about customer support. Which is a very nice thing to hear, as the need for customer support in extreme situations is always immediate and always desired. As a result, the FXVC rating we are assigning is also rather high.


Because of all of the things we have said above, we believe that the company is definitely worth working with. If you want a reliable service and a secure trading account, with a nice bonus of education on the side, you should definitely work with the FXVC FX brokerage, which also will allow you to trade crypto CFDs and other financial assets.

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