Investmug Review – Can This Company Be Trusted?

Investmug Review – Can This Company Be Trusted?

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There are a lot of different platforms on the internet that have the ability to position themselves as something they are not. For instance, while visiting InvestMug FX broker, one might have the idea that this is an ordinary news website that offers information about investing with different cryptocurrencies. In addition, you can find articles about how to make money online, how and where you should invest, etc. However, the reality is completely different. To put it into a few words, this is a website that is trying to disguise itself in order to trick customers into their system. This webpage has a hidden page where customers can sign up and register an account. Regular visitors like you will not be able to discover it as it is set to no-index and it is impossible to find it.

These guys mostly spam users to different messenger apps like Telegram or Tinder, telling you to sign up for their platform, where you will able to deposit a certain amount of cryptocurrency and get a specific guaranteed return. It might be somewhere between five and twenty percent on a weekly or monthly basis, but the reality is that once you deposit your money, you will never be able to take it back or hear from the platform ever again. Investmug was created back in 2019, and we were not able to find any trace of regulations, as they are unregulated scammers simply trying to steal your money. review

How Does InvestMug Scam People?

The scammers usually target users that are investors and had recently lost a significant amount of money. However, it is also a possibility that a regular person will be contacted by InvestMug. This company tries to look successful, hoping that you will not check their credentials. That’s why they have a fake news website – In case you ask for proof of their existence, they will send you the link of their website, trying to prove to you that they are not fraudsters. They usually put pressure on clients to let them deposit money as soon as possible and their salesperson may even offer you unreal conditions such as a guarantee of certain return and spectacular profits. It is your job to not fall for it and always check the background of a specific platform.

As we already mentioned earlier in this InvestMug reviewthey contact people through different messenger and apps that are used by the majority of people. Don’t fall for the trick that the offer is for a limited time as this is another way to let you make a deposit as soon as possible. Once you transfer your money to the website, you will never be able to see it again and once you realize you’ve been lied to, the platform will already have moved to another victim of its scam.

Should you trust InvestMug?

No, you definitely should not trust InvestMug, simply for the fact that they do not have anything that will prove to you that this company is worth your time and money. The majority of trustworthy brokers are licensed by reputable financial regulatory bodies giving you the guarantee that the broker will face negative legal consequences in case something inconvenient happens (e.g. they steal your money). It is impossible to find any valuable information about InvestMug on the internet, and its webpage itself does not offer anything about the owners, and other important stuff, which already is a red flag. Besides, there are a lot of other reputable brands available on the market, where you do not have to worry about your money being in the hands of scammers.

What to Do If You Already Deposited at InvestMug?

Unfortunately, if you already are a victim of InvestMug’s scheme there is nothing you can do about your lost money. The only valuable thing you can have from this fact is to learn the lesson and never trust a platform that is not regulated and licensed by reputable financial regulatory bodies.

InvestMug Reviews

The majority of fraudulent companies are trying to make an impression of successful companies by writing fake reviews on the internet. So, when you google the information about InvestMug, you might see some positive reviews stating that the platform is easy and safe, giving you the ability to invest in cryptos, however, none of this is true and the only aim is to let you deposit money. You can see the examples of these fake reviews yourself below.

is investmug com legit

Is InvestMug a Scam?

Yes, InvestMug is clearly a scam and the main reason behind this is that they do not have any license and it is impossible to find any information about them on the internet. Besides, the amount of their overall investment in the design and development of the site is around $19, which does not evoke trust and makes it even more suspicious. This is only aimed at you to deposit money as soon as possible, so the owners of the platform are able to move on with another customer in a short period of time. We advise you to do your research before deciding to invest on any financial platform and read the reviews of experienced traders as well.

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