The comprehensive Oinvest review for the interested trader

The comprehensive Oinvest review for the interested trader

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Welcome to the world of Forex investment in South Africa, Oinvest, and let us get started on finding out whether you are good or not. The way we are going to go about this is pretty standard. First, we are going to ask “is Oinvest legit” and then we are going to look in all the places we expect to discover that it is indeed, not legit. After that, we are going to look at all of the other aspects of the company, such as what it has to offer in terms of a trading platform and the kind of user experience they offer in terms of customer support. So, let’s get to finding out whether Oinvest scam is a thing or no. Spoiler warning: we think it is not, we actually think it might be good. review of the surface

The first thing anybody ever gets to see of a broker is their website. In the case of Oinvest, we get to see something that you don’t see too often in South Africa, especially from smaller and more recent brokers. The website is actually well designed! The website itself is not huge overall. The developers and designers instead decided to keep the website relatively small, but easy to access. So that the users won’t be spending an hour or two looking for solutions or answers to their questions. Instead, they will be finding better organized and faster to access pages, and information that is not hidden under layers and layers of links. This is a great advantage that many of the users and we especially can definitely appreciate. For one thing, it makes our jobs that much easier, and on the other hand, it’s just faster to work that way for the brokers themselves.

Navigation around the website is easy and quick. This is thanks to the fact that there is a very efficient navigation menu that will deliver the user to any part of the website quickly and without issue. The information is provided simply and clearly. The images used do not overpower the information and the design does not get in the way of navigation. Overall, the Oinvest rating goes up simply because it is pretty well designed and does not suffer from the issues that some of the other websites in the industry do. To be honest, the rating goes up simply because the website is designed well enough to make the thought of an Oinvest scam pretty impossible. These guys have invested too much time and money in it to be a fraud.

The platform and what they have to offer

There are several platforms for trade that the company offers to its traders. Oinvest MT4, the web trader and the mobile trading platform are all very welcome alternatives to try and trade with. While the variety of platforms is not too wide, it provides the users with a nice range of choice that you don’t usually see with small brokerages like these. The users will be able to access these platforms whenever and however, so they have the freedom to trade as they wish, whenever they wish. The fact that there is even a mobile trading platform makes the entire process of trade much easier for those who do not have the ability to remain at their computers the whole time.

The company also offers the opportunity to work with three types of accounts. The accounts are silver, gold, and platinum and are successively better in their terms, as compared to the one before. The reason there are three types accounts is simple – Oinvest Forex broker is trying its best to separate those who should be taking risks and those who should be careful in their trades. So that only those with a Platinum account will be able to trade with high leverage and will be encouraged to trade at any point they wish to. This is done by allowing Platinum users to enjoy lower spread and higher leverage. To receive the Platinum rating, the user will have had to have deposited a certain amount of money on their account.

The other account types have access to lower leverage and higher spreads, which results in the traders being less encouraged to make every trade they think of, and limits their ability to trade with leverage, protecting them from getting themselves in trouble. While we still think that this is a bit of a bizarre way to go about “protecting” your users, it’s better than not having any limitations in place. We are not going to make this a part of the positive rating though, so, boohoo. It also does not, in any way, change our Oinvest opinion.

The website also offers an educational source, which allows users to educate themselves on the subject of Forex trading right there, on the website. This is a very welcome initiative, as many South African traders have not had the ability to access trading information easily. With the broker’s initiative, at least some will be able to spend time learning about trading, acquiring new skills, and getting better at trading. This is also another reason why we think that there is no way Oinvest fraud is a possibility.

Are there other Oinvest reviews online?

Yes, yes there are, and they make us very happy. The reason they make us happy is that there are not that many of them so we don’t have to look too much for them, and thath they are mostly positive, which is why we think the company is actually a force for good in this industry. A whole bunch of positive reviews and a few negative ones, means that the company has a lot of good to offer to the world and that it can be trusted. Why do we think that the answer to the question of “can Oinvest be trusted” is yes? Because, despite the broker being goo, there are still bad reviews that talk about lost money. People who are angry over bad trades may leave a bad review simply because they didn’t get what they wanted. The company is not trying to silence these people or to get rid of these reviews, so we believe the company can be trusted to tell the truth.

The company has also been licensed by the FSCA, which as you know, our favorite local financial regulatory body. Good stuff, really, since the FSCA is doing its best to crack down on all the baddies in the region. As a result, our Oinvest opinions are even higher than they were before. Good stuff, guys!

In the end

So, in the end, we believe that Oinvest FX brokerage is one of the better ones online. These guys have a whole lot to offer to their users, and even though they could use some improvement, such as getting better at offering users equal terms and becoming bigger and more able to support their traders, they still get a good rating. You know, since they are not a scam.

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