Tickmill Review – the most trusted broker

Tickmill Review – the most trusted broker

Minimum deposit

100 USD


30% Welcome Bonus

Maximum leverage


Year founded




Trading platform

MT4, WebTrader

In a dynamic industry and constantly evolving technological landscape, brokerage firms encountered a lot of challenges to come forward on the market. The competition is extremely high between the brokers and it has become crucial for the brokers to become innovators and trustworthy market leaders. A lot depends on the business model of the broker. Time has shown us that the best of the customer-centric brokerage firms manage to survive and retain their customer base, while others disappear with time.

Tickmill Forex broker is empowering traders all over the world to access new opportunities and benefits in financial markets. The firm demonstrated strong financial results in the past few years and continues steady growth. Over 350,000 live accounts operate on the trading platform of the broker which is regulated in five different jurisdictions. We will overview the regulatory framework of the brokerage firm, along with the trading conditions, portfolio, account types, and promotions in the review below.

Regulatory Framework and Background

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Tickmill Ltd operates under the international firm Tickmill Group, which unites several brokerages under the brand name in different regions. The company was established in 2014 and since then received numerous awards for the services it provides. The higher management and staff consists of people who are experienced traders themselves and the board of directors contains some of the most notable names in the trading history. Tickmill Group holds authorization and licenses within 5 different jurisdictions:

  • Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA) – Tickmill Ltd, License Number – SD008
  • Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) – Tickmill UK Ltd, FCA Register Number: 717270
  • Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) – Tickmill Europe Ltd, License Number: 278/15
  • Labuan Financial Services Authority (Labuan FSA) – Tickmill Asia Ltd, License Number: MB/17/0028
  • Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) – Tickmill South Africa (Pty) Ltd, License Number: FSP 49464

Regulations are very important in order to guarantee the safety of the traders’ personal data and the security of the clients’ funds. However, the licenses only do not mean that the services offered by the broker are without doubt exceptional. The regulations only promise that the company is legit. On the other hand, industry awards speak a lot about the success of the brokerage firm.

Tickmill Group is a winner of multiple industry awards in various nominations. The company received more than 15 awards that include the title of #1 Broker for Commissions and Fees, Best Commodities Broker, Most Reliable Broker, Best Forex Education Provider, Best Forex Execution Broker, Best Trading Platform Provider, Most Transparent Broker, Best Forex Broker Asia and many more.

Trading Instruments – Tickmill Portfolio

Tickmill is mostly known as one of the best Forex brokers. However, it does not mean that the broker provides only Forex products. In order to allow its clients to diversify the trading portfolio, Tickmill is offering various financial instruments available to trade. In total, there are more than 80 products within the portfolio, both the Forex and CFDs. Furthermore, on all the products traders are free to choose any trading strategy that they like. Tickmill Forex broker allows all strategies, including EAs, hedging, and scalping. The trading conditions applicable to the instruments vary according to markets and individual products, as well as on the type of account that the trader holds.


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  • Spreads on Forex products begin from 0.0 pips
  • More than 60 currency pairs are available on the platform
  • The average execution speed of the orders is 0.20 seconds
  • All trading strategies are allowed on Forex products
  • The maximum leverage can go up to 1:500
  • 24-hour access to trade for 5 days a week

Stock Indices

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  • Minimum spreads on stock indices begin from 0.0 pips
  • More than 15 stock indices are available on the platform
  • The average execution speed of the orders is 0.20 seconds
  • All trading strategies are allowed on Forex products
  • The maximum leverage can go up to 1:100
  • Trading hours depend on the trading instruments


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  • Minimum spreads on Precious Metals begin from 0.0 pips
  • Gold and Silver crosses available on the platform
  • The average execution speed of the orders is 0.20 seconds
  • All trading strategies are allowed on Forex products
  • The maximum leverage can go up to 1:500
  • Gold trading hours: Mon-Fri 01:02-23:57. Silver: Mon-Thu 01:00-24:00 & Fri 01:00-23:57 (GMT)


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  • Spreads on Bond products begin from 0.0 pips
  • Access to German bonds, + 3 European bonds
  • The average execution speed of the orders is 0.20 seconds
  • All trading strategies are allowed on Forex products
  • The maximum leverage can go up to 1:100
  • Trading hours: Mon-Fri 02:00-22:00

Platforms at Tickmill

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In Tickmill opinion we also examined the trading platforms that the broker supports and provides for its customers. As most of the Forex brokers actually decide, Tickmill also went for MetaTrader 4. MetaTrader 4 is considered to be the best Forex trading platform. The software was designed specifically for Forex trading and traders with a lot of convenient features and various control mechanisms. However, MetaTrader 4 software needs to be downloaded and installed on the PC of the users. For some people, it is not that convenient due to that reason. Therefore more and more brokers began to introduce more user-friendly and simplified platforms for trading.

The WebTrader offered by Tickmill implements MetaTrader 4 into its platform. In contrast to the original software, WebTrader has an extremely simple and user-friendly interface. What’s more important is that it requires no downloading or installation in order to run the platform. In addition to the simplicity that the platform offers, it is furthermore safe to use. All data and financial resources of the clients are strictly protected on the web. The features of the online platform remain the same as downloadable software but WebTrader is accessible for almost every browser.

Tickmill Accounts

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In the past, the brokerage firms did not pay much attention to the variety in account types. Mostly because there was no need for that, as most of the traders had similar trading strategies and trading was considered a privilege, so no need for budget-friendly versions of the accounts. However, nowadays, as the number of traders increased significantly and together with it the variety of trading strategies, brokers had to introduce different account types to suit the needs of various traders.

Tickmill Forex broker offers three different account types. An Islamic Account can be applied to any of the account types with similar conditions. The types of accounts vary according to deposit requirements, minimum balance conditions, minimum and average spreads, and the commissions applicable to the trades. All trading styles and strategies are allowed at all three account types, including EAs, scalping, and hedging.

Classic Account

A classic account is a standard account that is more suitable for beginners or low-budget traders. It is better for small trading volumes. The account operates without any commission fees. The spreads applicable to Classic Account holder trades start from 1.6 pips. The maximum leverage, as for any other account can go up to 1:500. The base currencies are also the same including USD, GBP, and EUR. There is no minimum balance requirement for the account. The minimum deposit amount needed to set up a Classic account is 100 USD or equivalent in other base currencies.

Pro Account

Pro account was designed for more experienced or intermediate traders. The account grants much more flexibility. The minimum spreads for the Pro account start at 0.0 pips. The minimum deposit requirement applicable to this account is also 100 USD or equivalent in other currencies. Furthermore, the maximum leverage remains the same 1:500. There is no minimum balance requirement for a Pro account. However, commission fees apply to the trades. The commission fee for Pro account holders is 2 per side per 100,000 traded.

VIP Account

VIP Account is a truly premium account with many benefits and opportunities for both intermediate, expert, and even novice traders. There is no minimum deposit requirement, however, the minimum balance on a VIP Account should be 50,000 USD or equivalent. The spreads for this account type begin from 0.0 pips. The leverage can go up to 1:500. The commission fees are also applicable for the trades on the VIP Account but are much lower than for the Pro Account. The commission fee is 1 per side per 100,000 traded.

Rewards and Promotions

One of the most important aspects that drive Tickmill rating way up is the promotional campaigns that the company runs regularly for its customers. In general, the promotional packages serve as a reward either for the exceptional trading performance or for starting your trading experience with the broker. Tickmill provides both versions of the packages – performance-based trading contests and bonus and rewarding schemes.

Bonus and Rewards

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There are two types of Forex broker bonuses available on the market: deposit bonus and no deposit bonus. The deposit bonus, as the name suggests, requires an initial deposit to reward the trader afterward. No deposit bonus, however, grants “free money”, usually to the registering users. Tickmill offers a free welcome bonus of 30 USD for the new clients of the company. The bonus can be claimed immediately after completing the registration and verification processes. Any profits generated from the trades with the bonus belong to the traders.

Another reward program that the broker runs is NFP machine campaign. Every week, Tickmill presents an instrument and the traders should guess the price of the instrument within 30 minutes from the release. The trader who gets the exact price amount will be rewarded with 500 USD. If none of the participants guess the exact price, then the closest guess author receives 200 USD in his or her trading account.

Contests and Championships

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The most notable competition introduced by the broker is The Trader of the Month contest which is held on a monthly basis. Within the contest, traders compete with each other for first place on the leaderboard. The trader who accumulates the most points, meaning that he or she earns the highest profit, manages the risk in the best way, and has relatively more deposits than other participants receives a 1000 USD cash prize.

Another competition, known as The Global IB Championship has a prize pool of 65,000 USD in cash. The contest works on the basis of a referral network. The participants are Introducing Brokers who introduce new traders to the platform of Tickmill broker. New registering traders referred by IBs should remain on the platform and the more trades they open, the more points IBs receive. The championship is a yearly occurrence. For this year, it runs from 5th February 2021 until 15th June 2021.

Quick Recap – Tickmill Forex broker Review

It is very rare to come across a broker with licenses from 5 reputable regulatory authorities. However, it is not only the licenses that make Tickmill stand out among the best Forex brokers. The brokerage firm has built its reputation thanks to the diversified trading portfolio, flexible leverages and the lowest spreads, variability in account types, and the freedom to choose any trading strategy. Furthermore, the broker successfully facilitates the growth and development of its traders. Tickmill provides multiple educational resources, including webinars, seminars, infographics, video tutorials, glossaries, and various industry and market analyses.

In addition to all of that, the broker employs an immense promotional package with multiple trading contests and championships along with the no deposit welcome bonus and NFP machine. The traders of Tickmill have more than enough reasons to stick with the broker and remain as its loyal customers. We highly recommend the broker based on our Review on Tickmill Forex broker to all traders, no matter if they are complete beginners, intermediate or expert traders.

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