Review of TradeATF – Trade over 350 assets with this broker

Review of TradeATF – Trade over 350 assets with this broker

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TradeATF is a fairly new company, offering people trading services of more than 300 assets. The company was already able to gain the trust of as many as 10,000 active users globally. TradeATF is an innovative broker, always trying to adapt and adjust to the changes in the Forex trading market.

The company started operating in 2013, since then, it has witnessed a huge growth in popularity. The broker is registered in Belize and is operated under the guidance of the Belize International Financial Services Commission, simply known as IFSC.

TradeATF offers traders high-quality conditions, simplified trading processes, and fact account opening. Another huge advantage of the company is the amazing Forex educational material. It also offers innovative trading tools through MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

To learn more about the services of this broker, follow our guide to TradeATF and see what the broker is really about.

review of TradeATF

Reviewing TradeATF – A quick overview

As we have already said, TradeATF was established about 8 years ago. Over the last few years, it has become a very largely used Forex broker among traders. The company is operated by a strong team of real experts in online trading. There are more than 90 cutting-edge trading tools available for clients of any account, which is a huge advantage.

The commissions and fees for deposits are non-existent at this broker, giving you the ability to use your funds to their fullest. As for spreads, they are very competitive and low, starting from 0.03. Over the years, the broker has won a number of awards, creating a reputation as a leading brokerage company online.

Safety of traders – TradeATF broker review

The company is regulated by the Belize International Financial Services Commission, simply known as IFSC. To keep the funds of its clients safe and secure, the Forex broker has adopted several policies. TradeATF is keeping is the funds of its clients on segregated bank accounts, which can be a guarantee for safety.

This means that no matter what goes wrong, even if the broker goes bankrupt, you will still be able to have access to your funds and withdraw it without any problems. The Forex broker also follows the Know Your Customer policy, which means that you might have to provide some documentation to prove your identity.

The Forex broker offers traders all of the information about the legal documents on their website. This means that no matter what you need to know about the steps taken by the company in ensuring the safety of you and your funds, you can easily find it on their official website.

After reviewing TradeATF and its services, we were able to find out that the services of this broker are safe for traders. Thanks to the strict regulatory framework, the broker is able to offer traders a transparent and safe trading environment, which is very important in this market.

award winning broker tradeatf review

Reviewing TradeATF – Account types

While trading Forex, it is a great idea to find out what your needs are in this market. Usually, there are several types of accounts offered by brokers. Thanks to this, traders can choose the one that fits their trading needs the best. TradeATF offers three types of accounts, they are:

  • Silver Account
  • Gold Account
  • Platinum Account

All of these three are very different from one another and are created for different types of traders. We are going to discuss the offerings of each of these accounts one-by-one to help you find the best fit for you.

account types of TradeATF reviewed

How do they differ?

If you are a beginner in Forex trading, it would be a great idea to start trading with the Silver Account of TradeATF. The might be a perfect way to test out the offerings of this Forex broker, while also earning some profits. The maximum leverage available for Silver account holders is 1:30, while the minimum spreads are about 0.07. As for the assets, you can have access to more than 350 trading instruments.

For intermediate Forex traders, who have already experienced some things in Forex trading, a great choice is a gold account. This one will give you the opportunity to go further, while also focusing on details. Thanks to this account, you will be able to conquer new challenges and learn even more about Forex trading. You will also get a dedicated account manager, which can be a huge help for traders.

Spreads for gold account holders start at around 0.05, while the leverage can go up to 1:400/1:500. However, keep in mind that it would be a much better idea to not use high leverage if you are new to the market. Although leverage is something that can increase your profits, it can also increase the risks that come with trading Forex. Gold account users can also enjoy a swap discount of 25 percent and special trading signals.

The platinum account is a perfect choice for professional traders. Our review of TradeATF shows that this account can be a perfect choice for those who have advanced knowledge in Forex and who want to diversify their trading portfolio further. You will be able to enjoy personal manager, heightened leverage up to 1:500, and minimum spreads of 0.03, which means a swap discount of as much as 50 percent.

TradeATF review – Demo account

Much like many other globally well-known Forex brokers, TradeATF will also offer you access to a demo trading account. If you are an absolute beginner in Forex trading, this account might be a perfect way for you to start trading Forex. Thanks to a demo trading account, you will be able to trade Forex without risking any of your real-life funds.

While using a demo account, traders are offered a certain amount of virtual cash that they can use for trading. If you run out of virtual money, you can always contact the broker and they might be able to offer you more virtual cash. Although you can’t earn money using a demo account, you can work on your trading skills.

This is a very important thing for Forex traders. The more you know, the easier it is to make needed decisions while trading Forex. The demo account is also a great choice for experienced traders. If you want to test out different types of strategies while trading Forex, this account might be a perfect choice to do so without risking your funds.

Review of TradeATF – Islamic account

TradeATF strives to offer services for every type of trader worldwide. It has introduced an Islamic account for those who follow the beliefs of the Quran. As you might already know, Islamic people are not able to pay or receive any interest because of Sharia law.

Those who wish to trade Forex while also respecting their beliefs are able to do so using an Islamic account. It is a halal trading account. Those who use it do not have to pay or receive any swaps, which is why it is sometimes called a Swap-Free account.

Trading platforms of TradeATF reviewed

The trading platform is an integral part of Forex trading. While trading Forex, you will be spending most of your time using a trading platform. It is a place where you can do your market analysis, charting, and you can open and close your positions there as well.

reviewing TradeATF trading platforms

TradeATF offers people access to MetaTrader 4, which is one of the most popular trading platforms online. It was established by a Russian company called MetaQuotes back in 2005, 16 years ago, and it has changed the way people trade Forex. It is known for its user-friendliness, which makes it very popular among beginner and experienced traders alike.

TradeATF offers three versions of MT4, one is a regular windows-based platform that you can download through the broker’s website. The second one is browser-based WebTrader. Traders can use it without downloading anything, through an internet browser directly.

TradeATF also offers traders a mobile version of MT4. Mobile trading has become increasingly popular in recent years. Thanks to mobile applications like this one, you can trade anywhere. You can even participate in this market while traveling. Mobile trading is making Forex trading more accessible for everyone.

What can you trade at TradeATF?

TradeATF prides itself on offering traders access to more than 350 assets. This includes cryptocurrencies, Forex, stocks, indices, metals, and commodities. There are more than 45 currency pairs available at TradeATF, including GBP, EUR, USD, and others. There are no commissions on deposits for Forex traders, and you will be able to use cross-platform trading apps.

Thanks to the way the Forex market works, you will have access to the trading market 24 hours a day, five days a week. Forex trading is one of the most popular trading markets globally. There are dozens of trading tools offered to traders through the MetaTrader 4 trading platform, making Forex trading much easier.

Forex trading at TradeATF reviewed

There are more than 30 cryptocurrencies available for trading at TradeATF. This includes Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many others. This is possible thanks to CFD trading. Trading CFDs means that you do not have to own the asset directly, rather, you can speculate on how the prices might change in the future. This way, you can earn profit both by prices going up, and decreasing.

Trading commodities have always been very popular. TradeATF review shows that this broker offers access to more than 20 commodities. This includes everything from oil, to corn and wheat. You can also trade shares of leading companies with TradeATF. This is possible thanks to stock trading, and you can trade shares of companies such as Apple, Netflix, Microsoft, and dozens of others.

The broker also offers access to more than 15 indices and a number of metals such as Gold and Silver. Thanks to so many options, traders can easily find something that they like at this Forex broker. You can also easily diversify your trading portfolio with TradeATF.

How to start trading at TradeATF?

Once you have decided which account type to use and what to trade, it is time for you to start trading Forex at TradeATF. However, before you go any further, you will have to first deposit a certain amount of money to start trading. You can use several deposit methods to do so.

Clients of TradeATF can use credit/debit cards, direct bank transfers, or online payment solutions to make their deposits. The minimum deposit for traders at TradeATF is $250, and there are no commissions or fees applied to deposits. However, although the broker is not charging any amount of fees or commissions, it still would be a better idea to contact your payment issuer and ask if they are charging any fees for such services.

Is TradeATF a legit Forex broker?

After doing a very detailed review of TradeATF, we are able and glad to say that this Forex broker is a legit company. Although it has been around for not that long of a time, it has proved several times that it offers well-developed, trustworthy, and safe trading services.

With more than 10,000 active users, TradeATF stands to be one of the fastest-growing Forex brokers online. It offers traders the opportunity to diversify their trading portfolio by offering more than 350 trading assets. We recommended trading with this broker and believe it has what it takes to safeguard the funds of Forex traders.

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