TradInvestor review – is there a scam going on?

TradInvestor review – is there a scam going on?

Minimum deposit

2500 EUR



Maximum leverage


Year founded




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TradInvestor Forex brokerOnline trading takes a lot of precautionary measures to ensure that nothing unexpected interrupts your trading experience. One such undertaking is choosing the right broker.

When it comes to those brokers with little to no experience on the field, you should be even more careful. More often than not, they are scammers who want to take your money and give you nothing in return.

TradInvestor Forex broker is undoubtedly a new brokerage with moderate experience. That’s why we have decided to make a review of the broker and see, what its offerings are.

Lackluster trading conditions

One of the most important parts of broker reviews is their trading terms and conditions. This is certainly the case for TradInvestor which, in fact, reveals many major details about the broker.

Let’s start with a more-or-less positive offer – spreads. The broker claims that the slippage between the currency (or other) pairs can go as low as 0.1 pips. This is a good offer considering how much depends on the difference between buying and selling the currencies.

When it comes to promising offers, there’s not much we can add to it. However, with the negative aspects, we can go on and on and uncover some TradInvestor fraud possibilities. Let’s start with the minimum deposit requirement. The broker demands that its customers deposit no less than 2,500 euros. Coming from a broker who has just been established and has no actual name in the field, this seems a bit too needy! Wo don’t know anyone, who’d happily invest their spare 2,500 euros in a year-old brokerage.

TradInvestor fraud

The broker also boasts with its 1:100 leverage rate. To be honest, this is not that bad, considering the broker is readily expanding your trading volumes with its capital. However, given that the market average of this indicator revolves somewhere around 1:300, TradInvestor’s offer clearly punches below its weight.

Besides the hefty 2,500 euro requirement, what astonishes us is how high the transaction costs are. For every withdrawal, the commission can go anywhere from 10 to 50 USD. Plus, you cannot just withdraw any amount at any time. The minimum withdrawal amount is $100.

Overall, it’s clear to us that TradInvestor is more focused on your obligations rather than its commitments to you!

Should TradInvestor be trusted with blurry regulation?

Another important factor in reviewing any broker is regulatory remarks. With a creditworthy license, the broker incites an overall trust in its customers. While, with shady or no license at all, the suspicion arises that the broker is involved in some sort of a scam.

For TradInvestor, the second is more appropriate. The broker doesn’t say a single word about where it was established or who issued its license. Thus, we have to believe that it’s actually free of any regulatory oversight and can do anything it wants.

In light of no license or legal framework, we’re ever-more convinced in the TradInvestor scam!

Should you trade with TradInvestor?

Overall, one thing that we’re sure of is that there are a lot of shady areas with TradInvestor.

The hefty deposit requirements, big commissions, underwhelming leverages, and no license at all – these all lead us to believe that it’s best for everyone to stay away from this broker. One thing that you can take away from this TradInvestor review is this: the broker wants your money more than anything!

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