by Samuel Robinson on June 3, 2020

Largest online trading show coming up in July

We have already entered summer, but the volatility, as well as the coronavirus, did not go away. However, on July 28th, 2020, a massive virtual trading event will take place online where the number of traders presented on the show will surpass 5000. What’s more, traveling is not necessary, and everything can be accessed from your home through the Internet.

Expect a wide array of possibilities

Due to the fact that TradeON Summit 2020 is going online, you will be able to directly access networks and experts from the field of Forex and marketing. 1:1 chats, video, and audio calls, Q&A discussions – everything is available on the event.

As soon as you join the live event, you will be granted a unique opportunity to access content and meet a broker in a 3D booth. Furthermore, after the event is over, you can revisit and rewatch virtual exhibitions and presentations, respectively.

When you engage in-depth analysis and trading tactics, that are provided by the leading analysts, your trading level will transform to a completely new level, and the knowledge you gain here is valuable because experts will share relevant information with you.

Main panels

The full agenda of the TradeON Summit is not revealed fully. However, it is already known that panels will feature: 2020 US Elections and its impact on Forex, trading during Covid-19, artificial intelligence, and human traders.

Why should you attend the show?

If you still have not made up your mind about attending the huge event, then we can provide reasons for doing so. First of all, the registration does not require any fee, and the event will be 18 hours long. 

Do not have a laptop or PC with you? No problem – the event will be compatible with mobile devices. Android and iOS users will easily access the show. And you will have a chance to show your product to the trading community. 

The opportunity is already waiting for you. Do not miss a chance to attend a major event and expand your knowledge. Brokers and traders from top locations will meet and interact with people.

Join the event and get additional information on future updates with ease.

By Samuel Robinson

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