PrimeFin review – How does this FX broker work?

PrimeFin review – How does this FX broker work?

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The Forex trading market is constantly developing, just a few years ago, it was only accessible for the biggest financial companies on the market, like banks, for example. However, thanks to the development of the internet and modern technology, this trend has changed a lot.

Today, the Forex trading market is accessible to everyone around the world. No matter where you live or what you do, you will very easily be able to find something that works for you. However, this does not mean that there are no problems associated with the Forex market. In reality, there are many problems that this market has. One of the biggest challenges that people around the world have is the fact that they are having a very hard time finding trustworthy FX brokers.

One of the main reasons for it is the fact that today, the market is full of scam companies that are trying to use the internet and modern technology to illegally get the funds of traders around the world. Thankfully, there still are many well-developed and honest FX brokers that are offering investors incredibly well-developed services.

One of the brokers that are working very hard to keep the hard-earned money of their investors safe and secure is PrimeFin. Today, are going to review PrimeFin, a Forex broker that has already proved that the top priority of it is to offer safe and secure services to investors all around the world.

PrimeFin review FX broker

Quick background of PrimeFin – How does this broker work?

PrimeFin is a fairly new Forex broker, that is working tirelessly to create a safe space for every investor around the world. The broker mostly focuses on the region of Asia and is working very hard to attract as many investors from the region as possible. However, this does not mean that it is the only place where the broker is available.

In reality, the company is working very hard to get international exposure, however, it still strives to mainly focus on this region. Today, it is not easy to find a safe Forex broker in this region. Asia is full of companies that are working very hard to scam people and illegally steal their money.

This broker, on the other hand, is working to make sure that the rights of the investors using PrimeFin are kept safe with the help of the highest standards. PrimeFin is registered and regulated by the Labuan Financial Services Authority, which is the main regulatory agency of Labuan.

Around the world, many people believe that the regulatory framework of this agency is not that trustworthy, however, over the last few years, it has proved that to be offering the safety and security that is so important in this market. As our review of PrimeFin FX broker shows, recently, this company has updated its regulatory guidelines, as a result of which, trading with brokers regulated by this company is becoming very safe.

Thanks to the regulatory framework that the broker follows, it keeps the funds of the clients on segregated bank accounts. This is a very important thing because it means that no matter what goes wrong, even if the broker ends up filing for bankruptcy, investors will still be able to get their funds back. The broker makes sure that the funds of investors are kept with the leading banks in the region.

Why are regulations important?

Many people find it very hard to understand why regulations are so important. Over the years, it has been proved that regulations have the ability to change the way people trade and the experience that they have. Regulations are something that can be used by investors as indicators that a certain broker can be trusted.

There are many regulatory bodies around the world, and they all have very different regulatory guidelines, which are created according to the needs of certain markets. So, we would very much recommend to everyone who plans to start investing in this market to use only regulated FX brokers. Our review of FX broker PrimeFin shows that this FX broker has chosen a perfect regulatory agency, that helps the broker a lot to in the future development.

However, this does not mean that just because a broker is regulated, it is safe for investors to trade with them. The thing is, there are many more things that go into it, and it is very much recommended to focus on details before starting trading Forex. Below, we are going to exactly that, to give you a full insight into everything that PrimeFin FX broker does.

Trading platforms of PrimeFin – what should you know?

When it comes to Forex trading, one of the most important things to always keep in mind is the trading platforms. There are many trading platforms available in the world of Forex, and each of them is very different from one another. This Forex broker decided to go with two of them, one, called WebTrader, and another one, for mobile traders. This happened because this broker wanted to make sure that no matter what it is that people want from Forex trading, they can find it here at this broker.

The WebTrader is a browser-based trading platform. It looks exactly like MetaTrader 4, which is one of the most popular trading platforms around the world. MT4 was developed by a Russian company called MetaQuotes, and the same company worked on the WebTrader. Our review of PrimeFin broker shows that WebTrader offers investors the ability to trade Forex with this browser platform without having to download any additional applications on their computers, this is a great offering, since many people do not want to download applications to enjoy this market.

With the help of WebTrader, investors have the ability to access more than 350 trading instruments, that can be used to diversify trading portfolios a lot.

PrimeFin trading platforms review

Mobile trading with PrimeFin

Forex trading is one of those markets that are working very hard to keep up with the developments of the modern world. One of the things that this market is doing is that it is making sure to adapt to the changes that happen around the world. Because of this, this market is working very hard to use everything that smartphones have to offer.

PrimeFin is very active in that regard. Recently, this broker has published a special application for mobile users. Thanks to this app, now, investors can trade Forex with PrimeFin with their phones. This is especially good news for those who are always on the go. Now, they can stay connected to the market no matter where they go or how far they go.

Trading assets – what can you trade at PrimeFin?

Our detailed review of PrimeFin shows that this FX broker offers more than 350 trading instruments. Thanks to the huge number of available assets, it is very easy for investors to use this Forex broker to diversify their trading portfolio. You can trade the following instruments with this FX broker:

  • Forex
  • Crypto
  • Commodities
  • Indices
  • Stocks
  • Metals

Forex trading at PrimeFin

One of the most common markets around the world is Forex trading. As the official 2019 data reveals, Forex’s total daily turnover was as much as $5.1 trillion. Because of this, it is of the utmost importance that every company does its best to ensure that Forex traders are provided with some of the best services. Our PrimeFin review demonstrates that this company provides investors with more than 40 currency pairs.

You can trade Major, Minor, and Exotic currency pairs at this Forex broker. This means that no matter what your preferences are in the FX world, you can find it at this FX broker anyway. The leverage is also very high, so it can get as high as 1:400 depending on the trading account you are using. This leverage is very high, and such offers would be enjoyed by many experienced Forex traders.

On the other hand, if you are new to the trading market for Forex, you need to do whatever you can to ensure that you remain as safe as possible and try to avoid using high leverage. Forex trading commissions at PrimeFin are very low and stand at zero percent as of now. The broker has said many times that they are working very hard to build an open marketplace that any investor can use. For FX traders, dedicated support is also available, which is capable of answering your questions 24/5.

Cryptocurrency trading at PrimeFin

The crypto market has recently become something that is very common among individuals. Because of this success, our PrimeFin review shows that this broker is doing everything possible to apply this commodity to its platform. The market is evolving very rapidly, and as a result, crypto trading is suitable for those who appreciate fast-changing markets and are willing to keep up with worldwide innovations.

You do not have to hold cryptocurrencies at this Forex broker, but you will have the option to trade on the future market shifts. The Crypto market is a very fast-growing market that offers consumers a lot of advantages. At this broker, a nice thing about this market is that the execution pace is very high, and there are many cryptos that traders can enjoy.

Crypto trading at PrimeFin review

Commodities trading at PrimeFin

Trading commodities has been around for a very long time now. For several years, from the beginning of time, they have been a part of our daily lives. Here, 20 big commodities are offered at this Forex broker, which is a lot. It is possible to determine commodities into two different groups, which are, soft and hard. Hard commodities mostly are natural resources, while soft commodities are the ones that come from agricultural activity.

Investors in this market will enjoy trading with PrimeFin a lot due to such a wide range of available commodities. While trading commodities at this Forex broker, there are no commissions and the spreads are also very low, especially compared to other brokers on the market. Trading in commodities has always been very popular, and its popularity is rising around the world every moment.

Indices trading at PrimeFin

Indices are a very common thing in which you can invest. As our PrimeFin review shows, trading indices are becoming increasingly popular worldwide every year. It is a method of trading a group of stocks, which ultimately makes up the index itself. A calculation of the value of a certain segment of the stock market is defined by an index. In the Forex world, they are very much loved for their ability to depict economic outlook for certain areas, because of their relevance, they are considered to be major economic indicators. For the indices that are being traded at PrimeFin, the spreads are very low, and the commission stands at zero percent.

Stocks trading at PrimeFin

With the assistance of this Forex broker, without necessarily owning them, investors are able to trade the stocks. You have the opportunity to trade stocks of companies such as Netflix, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Tesla, and many others with this Forex broker. At this broker, the market can be reached very quickly, and stocks are exchanged via contracts of difference, CFDs. This broker provides very quick execution, instant market analytics, and cross-platform trading engines with non-stop control over the offers.

Metals trading at PrimeFin

As our PrimeFin broker review shows, trading in metals is highly popular around the world. There are many people who want to use it, and the fact that their rates are usually very consistent is one of the key reasons for it. Many who enjoy investing in stable markets love trading metals very much. When it comes to trading metals, there are many possibilities traders at PrimeFin have. CFDs of precious metals such as gold, silver, and many others can be traded at PrimeFin.

Steps to get started at PrimeFin FX broker

Before you are able to start trading at this Forex broker, there are some things that you will have to do. First of all, you must create a live trading account, and since there are several trading accounts at this FX broker, investors will have to make sure that they understand what it is that they are looking for in the world of Forex.

At this Forex broker, there are three major account types that you can use. They are:

  • Silver Account
  • Gold Account
  • Platinum Account

All these three are very different from one another and offer different services for everyone on the market. This is a great thing because not all FX traders are looking for the same experience in the world of FX.

PrimeFin account types reveiw

Account types at PrimeFin

Our review of the PrimeFin broker shows that this company is working very hard to make sure that everyone can find something that they can use and like. This is a very important thing and gives investors of all backgrounds the ability to start trading without much to worry about.

If you are someone who is not yet very comfortable with FX trading, then the silver trading account of PrimeFin is a perfect choice for you. This account type works very well, offers access to a huge trading market, but with fewer risks. Silver account is perfect for those who are just getting started in the Forex trading and are looking forward to learning more as they trade.

After you have gained enough experience, you can challenge yourself and start trading with the gold account. This account is perfect for intermediate investors, who have already gained enough experience and are ready to take more risks. Those using this account will have the private to use special benefits created especially for them.

The platinum account is something that will be very much loved by the most experienced Forex traders. This account offers unseen execution, very low spreads, and no commissions. The leverage for Forex trading at PrimeFin can be very high, as our review of PrimeFin shows, it can get as high as 1:400, which is considered very high.

We recommend to newcomers on the market to avoid such high leverage at all costs. However, those who already have enough experience in the world of Forex can very much enjoy this opportunity. The platinum account was created for. the most experienced traders and there are a lot of things that can be enjoyed by top traders on the market.

Demo Account

Much like many other top companies on the market, this broker also offers a demo account. This account type is a perfect way for everyone to learn more about trading, try out their tactics, and come up with new strategies. Many people have this misconception about demo accounts that it is something that only beginners can use, but the reality shows that even the most experienced traders can use a demo account.

With the help of this account type, the broker gives investors a certain amount of virtual cash, which can be used for trading. The trading market with demo account looks exactly like the live trading. Once you are out of your virtual cash, you also have the ability to ask the broker for more. Our review of the PrimeFin broker shows that the demo account is very popular here, many people use it and it proved to be very successful.

The demo account can also be used by traders to test out what it is that the broker offers. This can be used to get to know the trading platform and understand the real offerings of the broker.

Learn more about trading with amazing educational material

In the world of Forex, we believe that there is nothing more important than education. The market is one of the riskiest around the world, to make sure that you stay as safe as possible you must focus a lot on the information about the trading market. Because of this, most of the regulatory bodies around the world require FX brokers to offer investors educational material.

As our review of PrimeFin showed, this broker offers many versions of educational material. You can find anything from webinars to E-Books at the official website of the broker. The best thing about it is that the broker offers webinars from the top Forex traders around the world, who explain difficult concepts to investors. This is an amazing chance for every trader to learn more about the market from the top traders around the world.

The broker also offers market analyses, which are published very frequently. They make sure that the traders are always in touch with the ongoing events on the market.  This is very important for successful trading – the more you know about current events, the easier it is to trade Forex. Because of this, we encourage the users of the broker to use everything that is offered by this FX broker.

How to contact the customer support team of the broker

While reviewing PrimeFin, one of the things that we loved most about this company is the customer support team that it offers. There are three ways you can connect with the customer support team, one, by using the live chat, the second one is by special phone number, and the third one is by email.

We made sure to try out all of these three methods to determine which one would work better. Our review shows that the most useful method is live chat. The team behind live chat replied in no time, and they tried their best to answer our questions. Then, we tried out the mobile number. The phone number of the customer support team is different for every region, and we encourage you to visit the broker’s website to find which one will work for you. Once we called the broker, it took just several minutes for them to answer. The team was super friendly and helpful.

The longest time was needed for the email, it took more than 20 minutes to get the reply. However, the answer was very detailed and we believe that this option can be just as helpful for investors as the other two. All-in-all, the customer support of the broker works perfectly and it is one of the best ones on the market.

PrimeFin customer support team reviewed

The website – does it look good?

While working on a review of PrimeFin, we made sure to focus on every little detail about the Forex broker. We found that the website of the Forex broker looks very good, the design is very classic and it can be used by even the least experienced traders on the market. The great thing is that the information on the website of the broker is provided in a very logical way, which makes finding any type of information very easy.

There are special pages created on every matter on the website, which once again shows that this broker has nothing to hide and PrimeFin is a legit FX broker.

Final thoughts – Why should you use this broker?

After working on a review of PrimeFin for a very long time, we were not able to find any problems with this broker. It looks like this company is working very hard to make sure that it meets the needs of every investor on the market. Although the broker is quite new, it shows that it offers one of the best services on the market.

With unmatchable safety and security offerings, this FX broker stands to be one of the best brokers on the market. Because of this and many other reasons, we recommend this Forex broker to all of our readers.

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